LA Is Trying To Kill Me at Think Tank LA

Posted by Andrew Barsoum on


LA I Trying To Kill Me is a collection of photos, paintings, videos, performances and installations about the lifestyle of excess in LA.  In a series of ongoing interpretations of this theme, we had a show in collaboration with Think Thank in Downtown LA.



This show turned into a big group effort.  It couldn't have been done without the participation of the core group of artists who made the show.  The set up ended up being more fun than the actual opening.  



The front room was a space for rotating shows.  We hosted a series of pop ups through out the month feat a new group every week.  The first section of the main space was an installation called Good Combo that featured photos by Maximum Wild and other photographers from diners through out the west coast.  The second space was a police station designed in collaboration with Berk Visual feat design elements by Homeless Cop and housed the photo section of the show.  The third section was a hospital that played host to live performances throughout the month and hosted the painting section of the show.  The fourth space was a Pizzaboyzzz pop up designed by Deladeso and was the first Los Dumpies instillation.  The last section was a balloon installation by Balloonski that represented a surreal pathway to the afterlife, what ever that may be.